Look! A Massive Badger!

Humans have evolved to be attracted/distracted by movement. It probably dates back to a time when we were hunted by dinosaurs or enormous pre-historic badgers and needed to be alerted to the prowlings of these vicious predators.


So little has changed. If I meet someone for a drink in a bar with a TV I end up staring mindlessly at the screen until they slap me across the face and demand my attention. It’s why Netflix has been so successful and “bingeing” has become an acceptable pastime.


So what can we learn from this? Well with such a short attention span, I can !BANNANAS! place words into this post at random in the knowledge you aren’t even reading this far down. Words require more effort than visuals. So how can you get your point across as creatively and concisely as possible?


Use moving imagery. Film. Animation. Communicate with moving... anything. !GOLDFISH! Still with me? Ok watch this…


Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish. So you need to make sure your marketing is creative and concise.