What’s social about social media?

What’s social about social media? Isn’t it lots of white noise made by millions of people all posting at the same time? Is anyone listening or is everyone too busy talking? Don’t most people follow you so you’ll follow them back? Why are we all doing this?!?!


These are some of the things that regularly run through my mind when addressing the company social strategy. Even the idea that ‘being social’ requires a strategy sounds warped. You don’t strategically plan your conversation with a friend before going to the pub together.  Or do you? Maybe I’m being far too spontaneous and naïve. 

So with the horrifyingly unnatural idea of planning how we would communicate with our followers, friends and clients we ended up deciding… not to really have a plan. Well, to have a plan but more of a plan to show you what we’re like. That we’re really normal(ish) human beings who are worth getting to know more. So that’s what this blog is all about. Genuinely sociable media. Enjoy.

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