How an accountant became an urban homebrew hero


We believe everyone can be a creative. If in any doubt then you might not expect a PWC trained accountant, now working as the finance function of a fast-growing oil firm, to be a creative director. But hand Nick Box some hops and a big ol’ bag of barley at the weekend and this master home brewer will make a craft beer that stands up against the well-known commercial brands.


Nick (below left) teamed up with our Creative Director Matt Forster (below right) to create Fox Brew Co. An experimental urban home brew collective bringing different friends and family together to make delicious beers in Nick’s kitchen in Peckham.


Nick’s brewing provides free beer for the graphicks beer fridge and in return we worked up an identity for him. Could that be the perfect partnership?? Fox Brew Co. is a great example of how passion and drive can make a creative out of anyone. So the next time you hear someone denounce themselves as “not having a creative bone in their body” ask them to remember Nick’s creative wizardry that brewed better beer than we as a creative agency ever could!

graphicks' Azzurra Visaggio and Matthew Forster have gone on to create the brand identity, packaging and coordinated a photo shoot in South London.