When is a bad mood good?

We’ve all had days when we wake up wishing we could just roll over. A stormy cloud descends in our minds and procrastination takes us away from important tasks that are made to wait their turn. This seem familiar?

Well our lead creative Azzurra has turned these procrastinations into her most important task. (An enormous achievement in its own right!) Azzurra has amassed a collection of illustrations drawn of people she has seen while queuing in cafes, munching on her lunch, or waiting for the last tube home. It might be a bizarre outfit that catches her eye, an eccentric pair of shoes, or someone who is pretending to be ‘cool’ but in fact looks utterly ridiculous. And why shouldn’t these people become her muse? It makes her feel better! Turning a bad mood into something good. Oh, and as for today’s to-do list? Please… Not Today!


Please… Not Today is the title of Azzurra's exciting new collection of free-hand procrastinations illustrated about weird people in unremarkable places, drawn under the influence of a bad mood. If you're curious, Azzurra will showcase some of these illustrations at Cluster exhibition.