When design becomes experience

The problem with most property branding and marketing is that it identifies the core messages and attributes of a building or a space but completely lacks any emotional engagement. It’s all steak and no sizzle.

“So, what are you going to do about it?” I hear you ask.


Well, graphicks designer Lauren and head of digital Janna took it upon themselves to find inspiration and an answer to this challenge by going to experience the Camille Walala exhibition at The NOW Gallery in Greenwich.

I say “experience” because Walala is like no other. Bold colours converge together from every angle to create something powerful that is more atmosphere than exhibition. Visitors are encouraged to wear bright colours and patterns as they explore the labyrinth of “powerfully positive digital print” so there is a sense of the immersive theatre about this. A live performance rather than something inanimate.


Can we pull out this sense of awe and excitement into internal spaces and external hoardings and then take it online? Yes of course! This is great inspiration for how we can use design to engage people in an immersive experience that is both sizzle and steak. Or tofu if you’re a veggie.