Data Vs Information


Our motto in life is: be creative and concise. People aren’t interested in waffle so we’ll spare you ours. In the property sector the user (potential occupier) is not always the focus of the marketing collateral, which is an error that we as a creative agency are keen to rectify. Let me explain:

This is data:


This is information:


Data’s all well and good but in today’s fast-paced society it really needs to be distilled into information to make it easily consumed by the user. If a potential occupier is from another country a map is fairly useful but it makes them have to work for their information, whereas a connectivity diagram gives them the information they need immediately.

Likewise, taking the specification (a bullet point list of building information) and making it into infographics greatly aids the buying/leasing process for the user and allows them to potentially understand jargon that is second nature to an agent.


Possibly one of the best pieces of graphical information in the 20th Century, the London Underground map designed by Harry Beck in 1933 made potentially complex looking journeys appear simple and easy to take. We should remember Beck’s thinking in everything we do.

Sept_Blog_C_Harry Becks Tube map.jpg