Nothing ends its life in the bin

The bin is where we end our relationship with a piece of marketing collateral. But it might have only just begun its million-year-existence on earth. 

We always hear property agents talking about brochures "ending up in the bin" but a lot of them don't. If they have a plastic laminate they actually end up in a landfill because they cannot be recycled. Rubbish!


Blue Planet has highlighted to us how plastic is working its way into the food chain due to hundreds of tons of it being discarded into the sea. We are adding to the issue by not only cutting trees down but also planting plastic in their place. So whenever you are printing a piece of marketing collateral, consider what might happen to it once it has served its purpose.


We're asking clients to think about using recyclable print collateral and we are also donating to The Woodland Trust to try and help at both ends of the printing process. Please think this year before you print and help us to reduce the amount of un-recyclable material we create. 

Trees 2.png